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Toos Electric wire & cable Industries Co.

Toos Electric wire & cable Industries is producer of all kinds of Copper and Aluminum wire and cable up to 3kV based on insulation & sheathing of PVC, HDPE, XLPE, HFFR, NBR, EPDM-Rubber.

Our production list contains: All kinds of Flexible wire and cable, Inflexible and semi-flexible, Power and Control cables, Welding and Concentric cables, Building, Ranje and Jaridar wire and cables, Telecommunication wire and cables, Network, Phone and Coaxial, Water Industry wire and cables, Water Resistance cables in TPE and TPU insulation and Submersible Cables.

All kinds of Aluminum wires up to 230kV, ACSR – ABC – AAAC, Arial Bunched Cables, All kinds of special wire and cables in special usage like as Detector Cables and KNX, Photovoltaic and Solar wire and cables

We have also Accredited Lab and R&D unit and Certification: CE, ISO 9001_2000

Toos Electric Wire & Cable Co.

Producer of All kinds of wire and cable based on updated

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